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Product Managers

Ted de Boer

Ted de Boer, originally from the Netherlands, completed his bachelors’ degree in Psychology and Labour at the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus. He joined MiRO Distribution in 2016 and is now heading up their Carrier Wireless division as a Product Manager for various vendors such as Siklu, SIAE, NEC, RADWIN, IgniteNet, Teltonika and Rajant.

Elmo Labuschagne

With an abundance of high energy, quick thinking and a keen interest in wireless technology, Elmo Labuschangne joined MiRO Distribution as the new Ubiquiti Product Manager. Elmo has vowed to use his years of international experience and great passion for brand awareness to develop the Ubiquiti brand. He thrives on connecting brands with solutions through various communication channels and world-class training.

Ryan Dunford

Ryan Dunford has worked in the communication industry for several years, specialising in fibre and VoIP solutions. As a Product Manager at MiRO Distribution, he is passionate about contributing to the advancement of the ITC industry in South Africa and embodies MiRO’s vision to connect the unconnected.

Charl Ducray

Charl Ducray consistently strives to combine his technological knowledge with a human centric approach as a means of understanding the needs of the South African WISP market. As the product manager for  industry players such as Cambium Networks and TP-Link, Charl aims  to provide the best possible wireless and networking solutions.

Christiaan Kotze

Christiaan Kotze has worked in the ITC industry for 12 years, gaining experience in technical solutions planning and support. Christiaan’s passion for information technology can be traced back to when he began his career with MiRO Distribution as a Sales Team Leader, gaining unparalleled experience in the ITC space, while also establishing himself as MiRO’s Technical Services Manager. In addition to his primary job functions, Christiaan has been recognized by MiRO for his extraordinary technical sales and leadership characteristics.


Kgotso Kobo

Kgotso Kobo is an accomplished trainer with a proven track record of empowering customers through fundamental training in Wireless, Wi-Fi, VoIP and IP Surveillance, he is also MiRO’s in-house Grandstream Expert Trainer. Kgotso’s is one of the highest ranked trainers due to his extraordinary ability to make training relatable and enjoyable. Kgotso holds internationally recognised certifications from MiRO’s top vendors such as Ubiquiti, Cambium, LigoWave, Grandstream, IgniteNet and many more.

Hannes Willemse

Hannes Willemse has been a part of the MiRO training team for the past 6 years and is at the forefront of MiRO’s Certified MikroTik training and holds international recognition as a certified MikroTik trainer.  Hannes has built the MikroTik training to one of MiRO’s most sought after certified training courses, with over 279 students trained and an average student pass rate of 71%.

Johan Koekemoer

Johan Koekemoer joined the MiRO training team in 2015 and has dynamically changed the direction of the training team. Johan has a passion for developing new training material ranging from fundamental training to higher level technical training that will assist MiRO clients to plan, implement and maintain successful networks, both wireless and Fibre.  Johan holds internationally recognised certifications from top vendors such as Ubiquiti and Cambium and has also co-developed the BDCOM GPON and EPON Certified training.

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