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Positive feedback from WAPALOZA sponsors

Really insightful event with speakers that contributed and shared insights of what is happening locally as well as globally in the WISP space, with content that is relevant. The event was a great place to meet decision-makers, and we were able to identify business opportunities.

WAPALOZA gave MiRO the opportunity to catch up with a number of current clients on a platform where we were able to generate excitement on our existing and new portfolio of products.

The event was extremely informative, with some really good conference sessions. We picked up some quality leads, especially from the Western Cape region.

The concept is great. Our ALGcom range was exceptionally well received and the visibility for all of our brands was excellent.

This was a great inaugural event and we look forward to an even bigger WAPALOZA 2020. We had a lot of interest in our IoT set.

The WAPALOZA conference was really good. We had some awesome foot traffic past our stand and we consequently had some really fruitful conversations. It was a great opportunity to interact with our existing clients and to network with other vendors.

The information-sharing was great at WAPALOZA. At Azotel we firmly believe that supporting these events and the excellent work done by associations such as WAPA is key to driving the community and industry forward.

As a sponsor, we believe that the ‘right’ clients were at the event. There was a lot to learn for all the attendees, as the industry changes so quickly and it’s often hard to keep pace. The WAPALOZA conference provided them with that opportunity.

One great event. Well planned, even better executed. Thanks to WAPA for the opportunity to participate and as a vendor to make a contribution.

Now back in Brazil, I’d like to congratulate WAPA for this amazing event. Sure this was a big step for the telecom market in South Africa. It was great meeting the WAPA Mancom. I’m sure great things will come for both Switchcom and ALGcom after this event.

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