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Wireless services for small business or private individuals

WAPA (Wireless Access Providers Association), established in 2006, is a non-profit trade association acting as a collective voice for the wireless industry. WAPA’s primary objective is to promote the growth of broadband fixed wireless Internet access by facilitating self-regulation, promoting best practices, and educating both members and the market about new wireless technologies and business models. WAPA offers its members regulatory advice, technical training, a code of conduct, a forum for knowledge-sharing and business-enablement opportunities.

WAPA is positioned to be an interface between the government regulator (ICASA), network operators, service providers, and consumers. WAPA regularly makes submissions and presentations to the government on regulations affecting the wireless industry. WAPA is tirelessly lobbying for more progressive and efficient spectrum management in South Africa and is focusing on the possibilities of TVWS spectrum for interference-free access.


Equipping the wireless internet service provider industry with invaluable skills and information 

The WAPALOZA Conference & Expo is a 3-day training event to inform members and other industry delegates about various industry topics that affect how business is done. These include the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), TV White Space, and 5G. The event will equip young, enthusiastic individuals with the knowledge to start their own Wireless Internet Service Provider business. It will showcase the latest technologies and go in depth on how to work with these technologies.

This event is the culmination of numerous WAPA management committee discussions and will empower members to improve productivity, helping them to gain more customers and become more sustainable. The line-up of trainers are all respected representatives in their field of knowledge and expertise and they will cover a variety of topics including the latest trends and technologies in the wireless sector. Learn from industry experts in simple, easy to understand sessions and through successful case studies.

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